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Welcome to your new Event & Festival Tool setup!

Let’s get started:

1. Setup Information:

3. Tools:

2. Schedule your Kick-off Meeting:

When your Success Manager receives your set-up information (from your #1 submission) they will call to schedule your kick-off meeting.

Please proceed to step #3.

Survey Setup Notes:

Things to consider:

  1. When your wine friend submits your survey they can be redirected to somewhere… We need you to tell us where.  This is a great opportunity to setup a specific landing page, to take them somewhere on your website they might not have been, to Facebook or to otherwise be creative.
  2. When your wine friend submits the survey they CAN receive an email from you.  This email can include a link to something that motivates them to come to your winery, order something by mail, purchase a ticket for a survey respondent only event, or otherwise engage profitably with you.  Get your marketing creative on and go for the WIN-WIN!
  3. Nobody wants an unnecessary distraction.  Please be VERY SURE that you have clear rights to use any photos you upload for use.

Welcome to this exciting adventure of learning directly from our customers!

Two things:

  1. If you ever need help, have suggestions, want to talk shop, or anything else: please call or email.  I really do welcome the opportunity to visit with you.
  2. I want to warn you.  Getting these customer responses can be exhilarating, fascinating, and intriguing.  You may find yourself checking your emails more often and spending more time than you expected reading results.  My strategy: I have used an email address for our winery’s responses that does NOT show up on my phone and I have scheduled ANALYSIS times on my calendar.

Let the LISTENING begin!

Kristofer Sperry, MBA, Lead INSIGHTS Guy