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To get started, we need (3) things from you.

#1: please submit new product setup information so that we can get things right for you.

#2: your success manager will meet with you to get you up and running.  We want to get this meeting scheduled.

#3: download your “homework”.  If you have reviewed the product specific information prior to our implementation meeting we will be able to accomplish much more in the time that we have.

Thank you!

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+01 812 720 9606 (US)

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Product set-up information:

(We use this information to get your new system ready for you.)

Confidentiality Agreement:

Your data and intelligence is a company advantage that is very valuable.  We agree to protect your data and keep it confidential by always using procedures and services that we believe provide the highest industry practices for security.  ALL of your data is hosted by secure servers.  SWSI, LLC does not store your data in our computers.

Our data is also our company advantage.  As an SWSI, LLC client, you agree not to share our product or procedural information in any way that a competing entity would use it.  We appreciate your understanding.

We do use anonymous information that comes from our client responses in a NON-branded way for educational purposes.


Implementation Meeting

Please schedule your implementation meeting with your success manager (if you have not already).

We welcome either an Email or phonecall!

Pauline   +33 6 65 27 50 24

Stephen  +01 217 721 4307

Kristofer  +49 0176 8747 3151


Implementation “Homework”:

(With this preparation, we will accomplish more!)