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Kristofer Sperry

Kristofer Sperry, MBA

Chief INSIGHTS guy

Winery Owner, Winemaker, & Winery Architect

Check out what my friend Kristofer has been working on!  Being that I work with data and insights everyday.  It is a very powerful tool that can be used in so many ways!

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Why is this IMPORTANT and what is “The big VISION”?

As I finished writing my MBA Thesis on “Strategies for business development for wineries through tourism” several things became clear:

  • Wine customers are complicated.
  • Doctoral researchers are convinced that we are only beginning to understand wine customers.
  • As an industry, we are considered a bit behind the times using technology.

At first, I think I was a bit offended.  As a winemaker, winery owner, and wine architect, of course I know my customers!  I haven’t wasted the past 15 years talking with customers across the bar!  Then, as I got over it, I began to wonder how I could quantify what my customers thought.

So I took 12 months to research and build a survey and analysis system that would give us a 360° look at our customers and our sales & service operations.  It creates 2-way communication that establishes and strengthens relationships while yielding specific actions to increase wine sales.

We tried it and our testing was beyond our expectations!  The system works beautifully.  It shows that our customers want us to succeed and they will help us do it.

So what’s the big VISION?

Our business is about helping people buy your wine.

To do this, we need to help people in the way that THEY want to be helped.  As an owner, you make an immense number of decisions.  Most of your decisions are made within the context of limited time and information.  We know going in that some decisions will be superstars and others, well, not so super…

Our mission at SWSI, LLC is to connect wineries with their customers and potential customers.  We do this by asking your customers questions and analyzing their answers.  This analysis provides the information you need to make informed decisions.  This connection and analysis also facilitates the development, maintenance, and repair of relationships.

The big VISION is to collect and establish a wealth of knowledge and resources that your winery can draw upon to increase sales and customer VALUE in the most efficient way possible.

This VISION leads to more happy customers visiting more happy wineries (and the resulting benefit to both!).


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