“Exceeding expectations requires preparedness and the more a manager can do to know the customers, what they are looking for and where they have been, the better the tasting room will be positioned to deliver a world-class experience resulting in happy customers and financial gains for the winery.”

Stephanie Wycoff, MBA, Estate Manager, Seghesio Family Vineyards
Warning: customer INSIGHTS are addictive!

Are your customers as HAPPY as they could be?

Maybe you should ASK?

How can we help you improve your sales & profitability?

With our wine customer interaction tools you:

“As the global wine trade is changing rapidly; with new and shorter supply chains, increasing use of e-commerce and social media, a need for new tools also emerge. To create brand awareness and loyalty with your customers and to be able to promote your wines most efficiently, you need to know who your customers are and what triggers them to buy and to fall in love with your brand. SWSI’s tools enable you to do just this and in an easy and intuitive way.”
Marie Cecile Von Ahm, Vonahm Ltd.

What kind of information do you want?


is for Wineries that:

  • Want a complete picture of their customers and business operations.

  • Are looking for new, fun, & informative ways to connect with customers.

  • Will DO something with the INSIGHTS, email addresses, photos, quotes and feedback.

  • Want industry comparisons.

Focus on PRICING

is for Wineries that:

  • Want to develop an in-depth understanding of customer price parameters and willingness to pay.

  • Want to increase profits with VALUE based pricing.

  • May want to benefit from a FOCUS group where you contribute to and gain from other wineries experience and results.

  • Want a Mastermind strategy group.

Both programs bring you:

  • Actionable INSIGHTS
  • Candid comments
  • Email addresses
  • Postal codes

360° INSIGHTS also brings you:

  • Photos you can use
  • Resolution items

Using both at the same time brings you:

  • Additional segmentation information for each defined price window
360° INSIGHTS Program
Focus on PRICING

Interested? Talk with our INSIGHTS Experts:

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“We use this data to focus our marketing on EXACTLY what our customer base is interested in.  We don’t have to spend time and money guessing anymore.”

Eric Cotton, Silver Crest Cellars

Within the first 27 responses I learned/received from my customers:

  • (2) new really good product suggestions
  • one of our guests doesn’t come because he doesn’t know where our handicapped parking is (with an email address so I could write him)
  • I had lost $230 of event sales because she got hung up in our ticket buying process
  • (6) great marketing quotes
  • (2) really cool photos (with permission to use).
Kristofer, Myrddin Wine Company

“Check out what my friend Kristofer has been working on.  Being that I work with data everyday.  It is a very powerful tool that can be used in so many ways!”

Will Stolicny, ComDoc